1031 Land Exchange

If you have ever dealt in real property, (homes, land, commercial property, etc.) you have likely heard of capital gains taxes. Capital gains taxes can be labeled either short or long-term and can cost up to 37% for the country’s richest citizens. These pesky taxes can cost you thousands when selling your property, but there is a way around it: the 1031 Exchange.

What is a 1031 Exchange?

A 1031 exchange, is when you swap one property for another, thus deferring your taxes and keeping more money in your wallet. The properties must be considered “like-kind” by the IRS, and be used for business or investment purposes – personal residences do not qualify. When done correctly, there is no limit to how many times you can use a 1031 exchange, thus deferring taxes for years to come.

Who Can Benefit from a 1031 Exchange

Anyone selling real estate in which capital gains taxes will be a factor. And the good news is that the IRS has a broad classification for like-kind property. You can sell a shopping center and buy an apartment building. You can sell your industrial building and reinvest in a multi-family property. Or you can sell your underperforming rental property, and instead, invest in low-maintenance land.

How to Make a 1031 Exchange Work for You

Before making a 1031 exchange in Western and Central Regions, you’ll want to be sure you understand the latest rule changes and tax codes. When done correctly, it is a savvy way to build wealth using a tax-deferred strategy. Be sure to make your exchange in the allotted time frame and that your replacement property qualifies.

How Land Investment Aids in a 1031 Exchange

Land For Sale In Kentucky 1031 exchange

Investing in land for sale in Western and Central Regions Kentucky is a great way to avoid capital gains taxes.

Instead of simply find a lot and purchasing, KW Land Team can help you find a property that is poised to appreciate over time. Instead of doing all of the leg work yourself, KW Land Team can help you find the property that will be a positive addition to your portfolio.

At KW Land Team, we have become the experts in land investments throughout Kentucky. In addition, land landowners also come to us because they want to sell their land quickly. With our reputation among Kentucky land sellers, we are privy to new land investment opportunities all of the time.

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If you want to invest in raw land, lots, vacant land, and empty land to help facilitate your 1031 exchange, our team can help. We can help you find cropland, timberland, hunting land, recreational land, land for development, and land for your retirement – all right here in the Western and Central Regions area.

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